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80+ Skilled Engineers

Our dedicated project managers and engineers collaborate intimately with clients at every stage, ensuring excellence from conception to completion


Impactful DFM Strategies

Leveraging our deep expertise in sheet metal fabrication, we are specialized in delivering enhanced product quality and cost optimization through smart Design for Manufacturability (DFM) advice


Quality Assurance

Thorough BOM analysis, meticulous process and tooling design, and Poka-Yoke methods, paired with rigorous digital inspections and custom fixtures


Project-Based Success

A structured approach with senior management oversight, ensuring every project achieves its innovation, efficiency and quality goals


Precision Costing

Data-driven system for quick, accurate quotations, accelerating the journey from concept to market


Fastest Prototyping Team

Specialized 20-member crew with exclusive machinery, delivering prototypes typically in under a week


Strategic Supply Chain Planning

Skilled sourcing team, intelligent material planning, sync with robust production preparations designed for project execution

Typical NPI Process

                 Project Manager to coordinate through the whole process      

Before the Build

  • Quotation

  • Customer Qualification

  • Access to drawings

  • Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

Project Engineers

  • Bill of Materials (BOM)

  • Process design

  • Process drawings

  • Tooling & fixtures design

  • Work instructions (WI)

  • Reliability testing

Quality Engineers

  • FMEA (Design & Process etc)

  • Poka -Yoke

  • Digital inspection (IQC &. IPQC)

Sourcing Engineers

  • Outsourcing

  • Material plannings &. Pull-in

  • Inventory management

Planning & Production

  • Dedicated prototype team

  • Capacities evaluation

  • Production preparations

  • Lean manufacturing practice

Quality Management


The Quality Equation: People + Precision at ACE

Client Satisfaction

System Support

•FMEA & Control Plan

•Inspection System

•Client Complaint System

•Defect & Rework system

•Andon System

Problem Solving

•Defect Managment

•Rework Under Control

•Stop Work

•Temporary Quality Wall

Standard Work

•Critical part & process

•Preventative Action & Work Instruction

•1st Part OK


•Final Inspection


Continuous Improvment Programm

•Evaluation and recognition

•Employee Development

•Unit Leader Management

Monitor: Layered Process Audit (LPA)

The Quality Equation    Precision & Transparency at Every Step

Automated Precision & Smart Inspection

Workflow automation reduces errors

•Automated inspection task generation with designed sampling

•Real-time data analysis and notifications for critical quality checks

Total Transparency

•A single scan reveals everything: from technical specs to supplier tracing, inspection reports and  product history

•Customized report and prompt alerts for potential issues


Integrated Andon System

Quick problem identification with the power to pause production, ensuring quality is paramount.


The Quality Equation  People as Our Quality Pillar


Empowering Our Team

At ACE, quality begins with our people. Through fostering their well-being, we see direct benefits in performance and output


Continuous Improvement Culture

Team members contribute directly via mobile suggestions—fueling a culture of progress with over 10,000 suggestions and 50+ improvement projects this year

Every voice matters, driving safety, quality, cost efficiency, and productivity enhancements


Robust Audit Process

Regular audits by leaders across levels—from unit leaders to engineers and the general manager—bolster operator performance and process integrity

Guaranteed Delivery &Beyond


What We Can Offer


Specialized in High-mix, Low-volume Projects

  • Expertise in handling demand variability, design updates, short product lifecycles, and tight lead times


Advanced Inventory Solutions

  • Customizable Just-In-Time (JIT), Built-to-Schedule, and Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) strategies

  • Proactive inventory management based on real-time needs


Supply Chain Mastery

  • Robust management of complex Bill of Materials (BOM)

  • Globle sourcing experience

  • Proven success in unstable market conditions

How Do We Do It

Cutting-Edge Planning System

  • Proprietary system for semi-automated planning and real-time monitoring

  • Uses Kanban and mobile alerts for proactive issue resolution

Streamlined Internal Logistics

  • Automated warehouse and 'internal Uber' system for efficient logistics

  • Key to managing high mix, low volume manufacturing with precision

Unmatched Flexibility

  • Dedicated, multi-skilled workforce in a cell structure for rapid scalability

  • Readiness to meet demand surges and complex challenges head-on


Production Capabilities

ACE Suzhou and Penang factories are equipped with the most advanced production equipment and have full processes for the production of sheet metal and frame products.


Suzhou Site

Full process sheet metal factory with high automation rate and the ability to provide customers with additional services such as integrated assembly and design.

Penang Site

Full process sheet metal factory, large pre-treatment line and powder room, providing customers with professional and high-quality services.

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