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Management Philosophy

Management system based on data and information


Real-time information  reporting

Through the use of Mobile Apps and Kaban system, we can achieve a more efficient management style that eliminates cost of communication.

Efficiency improvement brought by digitization

Since ACE implemented digital management system in 2014, our production efficiency has been greatly improved. The optimization of production cost has brought more value to ACE's customers.


Application of AI in production management

Our AI driven big data analysis model help us to predict customer demand and optimizes our inventory level


If you want to find out more about ACE production management system, please contact us.

Digital Management System (ACE MS)

Our operations management system has been designed proprietarily by our in-house software engineers to specifically address challenges in sheet metal contract manufacturing

Our software helps us to focus on:

•Continuous improvement and improved production efficiency

•Accurate production planning with improved OTD

•Real time quality data monitoring and quality alerts

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