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Customer Passion


Customer Passion is our central core value. We have a sense of urgency to satisfy our external and internal customers. We are relentless, tenacious and dedicated to solving our Customer challenges and exceeding their expectations.


Engineering Manager at Semicon Equipment Company: 

"ACE has experience serving multiple leading semiconductor equipment manufacturers, so ACE is very familiar with industry standards. The nature of our projects requires suppliers to have a super-fast response time and ample management resources. No matter what requirements we put forward, Ashley always strives to meet them."

Our Sustainability Journey


We attach great importance to the environment and our efforts in corporate social responsibility rank in the top 25% globally.

ISO 26000 & ISO14001 Compliance

We embody social responsibility, prioritizing ethical conduct, environmental care, and community involvement

EcoVadis Bronze Medal

Our CSR efforts rank us in the global top 25%, evidenced by our Silver EcoVadis rating

Solar Energy Achievment
Zero Emission Commitment

Our 15,000 sqm solar installations cover 50% of our power needs, aiming for 70% by 2025

Our effective water treatment system has enabled us to achieve zero emissions


Data-Driven Management


We have our own software development team and have developed exclusive operational management software for sheet metal manufacturing, focusing on solving management challenges for small batches and multiple varieties. Mainly aimed at improving production efficiency, promoting continuous improvement, optimizing production plans, linking the supply chain, improving on-time delivery rates, monitoring quality data in real-time, and providing real-time alerts for deviations.

MES System

Our operations management system has been designed proprietarily by our in-house software engineers to specifically address challenges in sheet metal contract manufacturing

Our software helps us to focus on:

  • Continuous improvement and improved production efficiency

  • Accurate production planning with improved OTD

  • Real time quality data monitoring and quality alerts


Real-time Reporting

Through the use of Mobile Apps and Kaban system, we can achieve a more efficient management style that eliminates cost of communication.

Efficiency Improvement Brought by Digitization

Since ACE implemented digital management system in 2014, our production efficiency has been greatly improved. The optimization of production cost has brought more value to ACE's customers.


Invest In Future


ACE is never afraid to invest in new technology. We continually upgrade our production infrastructure to ensure competitive service for our customers. Our in-house automation team is dedicated to driving innovation and efficiency. Approximately 50% of our sheet metal fabrication processes are automated, and we have two Automatic Storage & Retrieval System to further streamline our operations. Our advanced automation equipment delivers top-quality products with unmatched efficiency and consistency.

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